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Whether it is caused by an accident or a prospective burglar, a broken window puts your business and staff at risk. From unwanted entry to injuries from glass shards, broken windows are serious dangers.


The purpose of safety films is to make your business safer by providing a layer of extra protection to your windows, preventing them from shattering into many tiny pieces if an impact or other problem damages, cracks, or breaks the window, making your business safer.

Prevent the dangers of broken glass

Keep your business clean and free from graffiti

Glass commercial windows, doors, and display cases are often vulnerable to serious damage due to graffiti. Etched messages, names, and images leave your glass looking dull and damaged, ruining the overall impression of your business.


Anti-graffiti film is applied to the glass to protect the surface from damage. Whether it's vandals trying to etch their name into your store front or customer's keys, rings, or watches causing scratches, anti-graffiti films protect your glass.

Safeguard your business from potential damage

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