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Decorative films can add a unique detail to your home or office.  Installing decorative films to any glass is a fast, affordable, and highly effective way to add a decorative touch at a fraction of the cost of etched glass. For a much cleaner look than shades or coverings, decorative films allow most of the light to enter, while adding privacy and design to your space.  


One decorative film option is frosted film. Frosted films are extremely popular for the levels of privacy they create, while adding an attractive frosted look to the glass.



Add unique decorative details to your glass

Decorative films for Residential applications can enhance and provide privacy for:


• Showers

• Closets

• Upper Windows that can't be covered by a window covering

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Decorative films for Commercial applications can enhance and provide privacy for:

• Conference Rooms

• Glass Hallways & Stairways

• Office Doors

• Glass Partitions

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