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Storms, earthquakes, explosions, vandalism — both natural and manmade disasters are on the rise worldwide and the consequences to people and property can range from unsightly and costly to deadly.  It’s a dangerous world out there and you want to do everything you can to protect your home or business. One way you can provide additional protection is by installing a safety and security film to your windows.


Security film is a powerful deterrent to smash-and-grab thieves. It forms a strong shield that holds broken glass in place, delaying and deterring perpetrators who attempt quick entry through shattered windows.



Provide an extra layer of protection for your windows

How Security Films Work


• One side is coated with extremely strong adhesives to adhere to your window

• The other side is highly scratch resistant to prevent unsightly damage

• Safety and security films are availible in both clear and solar control shades


The purpose of these films is to provide an extra layer of protection to your windows, preventing them from shattering if an impact or other problem occurs. Whether it is caused by an accident or a prospective burglar, a broken window puts your home or business at risk.

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