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When rays from the sun hit a window, some of the energy is absorbed and some is reflected by the window, but most is transmitted through the glass. By installing a high quality, solar control window film, the heat gain will be reduced by blocking solar radiation, or solar energy.


So what is TSER? TSER stands for Total Solar Energy Rejection which measures the rate at which your glass blocks the suns heat. Our job is to analyze your glass type and then recommend the right window film to improve the efficiency of your existing glass without replacement. By installing a high quality, solar control window film to your glass, the Total Solar Energy Rejected can be up to 84%.




Why have windows if you always keep them covered up to protect your interiors and family from the sun’s damaging UV rays? Fading is, mainly, caused by 3 factors, UV light, visible light, and heat. By blocking up to 99% of all UV rays and as much heat as possible, our films are able to provide substantial UV protection while allowing visible, filtered, light into the room.


Facts about glass and UV protection:

Clear, single pane glass filters approx. 25% UV

Clear, dual pane glass filters approx. 50% UV

Dual pane, Low E glass filters approx. 70% UV



High Quality Window Film filters 99% UV



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Heat Rejection

Glare Reduction

Open your blinds, shades, or drapes and let the sunlight in! Window film can reduce glare by up to 94%, making it easier for you to watch television or work on a computer. Sunlight reflecting off various interior and exterior surfaces can cause glare that makes seeing out of your windows difficult. By reducing just a little bit of the glare, your exterior views become optically clearer.









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